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Get to know our Process


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Phase 1

• Research project - Start gathering all your ideas for your project. Create a list of must haves. Explore the internet for ideas and styles you would like to incorporate into your build. Houzz, and Pinterest are great places to come up with ideas.

• Start formulating a real budget - There are resources online like the                                  and ( our pricing guide) to help you understand and set a realistic budget

• Review our website to understand the processes, realistic budgets, and to familiarize yourself with our company.

•  Fill out our consultation form that lists the questions we will need to know to set up our 1st in-home consultation. Undergoing a renovation in the home is no small mater so understanding as much as possible about the project allows us to set the correct expectations from here on out.

• 1st phone consultation - before calling us: we would like to gather as much information as we can about your project. 

• Some of the key points we will talk about are: 

    ◦ Where is the home located?

    ◦ What project are you looking to complete? 

    ◦ When are you looking to start this project? 

    ◦ What is your realistic budget for this investment? 

    ◦ Are you talking with any other contractors?

    ◦  How are you planning to determine who you work with for this project?


•  At the end of our conversation we will determine if we could be a good fit for each other and if so set up an in-home consultation.

Phase 2

• 1st in-home consultation - during the first in-home consultation we will get to know each other better and the project space. We will go over your ideas and talk about what you’re trying to achieve with this renovation. We will also go over what a realistic budget could look like for a project like this. Although we won’t be able to get an exact cost of the project, by starting the discussion we will be able to formulate an idea of where our budget will be. Will also go over our process and what the next few steps would look like.

Phase 5

Pre-Construction meeting - before the construction start date we will schedule a preconstruction meeting where we will review the project and all details and make sure everyone is on the same page. We will discuss everything from parking and dumpster placement to towel bar placement and per accommodations. 

Phase 3

• If we decide to work together and move forward at this point we would execute a design agreement with a palimanary  budget proposal with a fee typically of 3 to 5% of projected cost of project.

    ◦ during this time we pick selections and materials. 

    ◦  Create a basic layout and drawing with up to 2 changes 

    ◦ We go over timeline and final budget.





Phase 6

Construction - while construction is underway you will be kept in the loop with all issues and changes along with progress of the project.  You will also have direct communication with your project manager and weekly meetings to go over progress and answer any questions. 

If there is an unforeseen issue where a change order is needed or a client would like to add to the scope of work a change order will be presented to the client and item or task will not be executed till change order is agreed and signed. 

Protecting and keeping your space clean – we will do everything possible to keep our construction area clean along with the rest of your home we protect your floors partition off our workspace area sweep and vacuum every night and run build clean air scrubbers when needed to control air quality.

Phase 4

When everything is approved we will then move to the next phase of:

    ◦ signing formal contract Agreement. 

    ◦ Accept deposit payment, which is typically between 25% - 30% of projected job cost. 

    ◦ We will submit all necessary permit applications to the appropriate building department at this time. This approval process can take anywhere from two weeks to three months, depending on where you live.

    ◦ After permit approval We will now schedule the construction start date, and formulate a timeline.


Phase 7


Walk through - as we come to the end of the project it will come time for the final walk-through. In this time we will walk the project with you and create an itemized punch list to reach completion.

Phase 8

Cleaning and turnover - after our construction is completed we will then clean the space before we turn it back over to you to enjoy.

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