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Bathroom Pricing

Take a look at our Bathroom price guide:

From enjoying a hot steam shower after a great workout or bathing your little ones in the tub before bedtime stories the bathroom is a very important space.  It’s a place where you're able to escape the day and just relax by soaking in the tub or enjoying a hot shower with the rain head on.  It’s a space where your toes can be warmed by heated floors and your mirror can light up from the inside.  With so many amazing options and features now available the bathroom and especially the master bathroom have become huge eye catchers to the home.

RKB understands that bathrooms can be one of the most complex spaces to renovate due to so many moving parts in such a small space.  One very important rule for a bathroom renovation to go over well is proper planning and going over all the details time and time again.  We take the time to think out the process and make sure everything flows together giving you the best space possible.  With over 160 bathrooms completed by RKB you can feel confident knowing you’re in good hands.


There are a lot of things to think about when designing and remodeling your bathroom. Here are some amenities that we have completed for our clients:


- Heated Floors with Programmable Thermostats

 - Shower Systems

- Linear shower drains

- Lighted Medicine cabinets 

- Built-in Shampoo Shelves and Niches

- Custom Glass Shower Doors & Enclosures

- Curb-less Showers

- Double Vanity & sink

- Exhaust fan with built-in heater

- L.E.D. GfCI outlets

- Floating Vanities 

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Take a look at our Bathroom price guide:

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